secure My Profits & risks

Profit Agreement


This agreement is to ensure Your comfort and profits.
   Most importantly, this agreement serves the creditor as a legal obligation to your fiduciary promises made by Comfortable Profits LLC. Should there be any circumstances concerning payout terms, this document serves as legal tender to resolve civil matters securing your income.

It is mutually agreed, based on Creditors chosen plan, that I Andrae Barnes (Payee) will be responsible for payout amounts promised as per our agreement (Promise to pay statues/Civil Order 37 CPC 1908). Maturity Dates set: Payouts will be according to said terms plus 7 days. Any circumstance extending beyond 7 days will incur an extra 3% payout to the Creditor and are grounds for CIVIL REMEDY.

This agreement shall withstand any disputes against the purposes of assuring the Creditors income to be paid within 1 year of default.

Comfortable Profits LLC generated over $228,000 dollars last year. Lets view profit plans.